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Efficient design and proactive management plans


Looking For Reliable IT Services?

IT Support

 By understanding your business and identifing areas of improvement, we plan and execute your ideas focusing on your target goals

Cloud Solutions

We offer cloud solutions with full support to guide you through the process of building a more effective and productive environment.

Office 365

Unified communications and collaboration between you and your team. Find out what Office 365 is and how we can help.


With over 20 years supporting New Zealand enterprises and lead by industry Expert Graeme Ross, we ensure every customer has the systems and processes to support the growth of their business.

We specialise in providing outsourced IT services and support for small to medium businesses in the Auckland region.  We’ll work alongside you to:

  • Understand your issues and identify areas for improvement
  • Develop an IT systems development strategy that supports your business goals
  • Design and proactively manage, network and communications services
  • Reduce the overall costs of technology ownership
  • Create a stable and flexible IT platform

If you were thinking you need a big budget to outsource network management and support, think again. We know you have similar issues to larger enterprise-sized counterparts so, we’ve designed network management services specifically for small to medium businesses. 


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Why Engage with Online IT

We know you have similar challenges to your larger enterprise-sized counterparts but limited, if any, in-house IT resource. So, we’ve developed a similar offer to what the bigger companies get, but in a more flexible, value-oriented format.

The value you’ll derive from engaging us to manage your ICT requirements is as follows:

Improved reliability, Never lose a customer or sale because your frontline staff couldn’t access your business data.

Match business revenue with changing business needs and growth to ensure you’re only paying for what you need, when you need it. A customised T.I.M package gives you the flexibility to scale services up or down.

By spreading hardware and server processing capacity, we can maximise uptime and minimise downtime. We can utilise server virtualisation technology, to proactively manage scheduled system downtime and maintenance. Your business can derive hardware and ‘green computing’ energy cost savings by optimising the server environment.

We’re local so you’ve got the dependability of remote support when you want quick answers. This reduces costs and eliminates the frustration of ‘lost in translation’ offshore help or navigating self-help telephone systems. We won’t waste your time escalating issues to 2nd and 3rd level technical support. The person who designed your systems and services, is the one you’ll speak to directly.

We would love to hear your story and help you to develop your business growth through our IT Solutions


We work together to support tamariki in need at schools and early childhood centres across the country. The time and resources donated by our business community enables KidsCan to reach more children in need. 

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